Product Profile
PowerPC NPe405H - CPU Performance 200-266MHz

PowerPC NPe405H - CPU Performance 200-266MHz

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 2008/12/16
Product Specifications
  • AMCC’s PowerNP NPe405 family of embedded processors offer industry leadership performance/price solutions for networking applications. The popular 405 CPU core is now available up to 266MHz to power the level of functionality needed to meet your specifications.

    When your next-generation system is ready for a performance or functional boost, just plug and play. This is the inherent benefit of a scalable PowerPC architecture which is optimized for software reuse.

    *  200 or 266MHz CPU
    *  Memory Management Unit
    * 16KB instruction and 8KB data caches
    * Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) function, including fast multiply unit
    * Timers
    * JTAG and Trace debug logic

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