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FOXnet Plus
FOXnet Plus
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Product Specifications
  • The FOXnet Plus controller is a multi-application controller developed for both intrusion detection and access control.

    The FOXnet Plus controller was designed in compliance with European protection standards EN 50131 and in accordance with the requirements of the different European countries. (VdS, INCERT, NCP, BS, France, ) It is the first VdS certified Class C controller for both intrusion detection and access control.

    The controller is of a completely modular design and can grow with the application. Several controllers can be installed in a network as a whole without having any single controller lose its identity.

    For access control, up to 30 000 cards and for intrusion detection, up to 8 x 120 detectors can be managed.

    Various optional modules allow defining the right configuration for both access control and intrusion detection. Configuration takes place by means of a very user-friendly software package called FOXnet Configuration Utility (FCU).

    FOXnet Plus is the ideal solution for single-site and multi-site environments. Management of multiple controllers over networks is achieved through the VSKwin management software package.