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iTouch Home Automation System Touch Panel

iTouch Home Automation System Touch Panel

  • Supplier: iTouch
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2006/04/27
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Product Specifications
  • * Customizable user interface including button names

    * Controls for up to 96 light loads/electrical devices

    * Controls for garage doors

    * Controls for pool equipment

    * 16 customizable lighting/electrical events

    * Controls for up to 8 pieces of whole-house audio gear

    * MP3 player

    * CD-jukebox (requires Sony CDP-CX455 400 disk CD changer, TCP/IP Interface, CD Interface)

    * Controls for up to 30 irrigation zones

    * LCD television with 16 user-definable favorites

    * Access to security cameras that have been modulated onto local CATV system

    * Web browser with 16 user-definable favorites

    * Controls for up to 10 thermostats with 4 custom thermostat programs available Controls for security system

    * 9 day weather forecaster

    * Remotely accessible from any web enabled PC anywhere in the world (Internet Explorer only)