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GSP Systems CMS
GSP Systems CMS
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  • GSP CMS enables users to control devices, multiple DVRs and network video servers installed at remote sites through a network. Users can record real-time images streamed from DVRs or servers, or monitor recorded video from a DVR remotely. It included an e-map, live monitoring, record, playback, remote search, and virtual PTZ control and event management. The E-Map supports an electronic map for easy and efficient management from remote sites. Live monitoring displays 100 channel s per screen at the same time. It records in real time images from DVRs or servers to local PCs, according to a schedule which can be combined with None, Always, motion detection and sensors. Remote Search searches recorded images from remote DVRs, and a user-friendly search menu lets users select calendars and time tables available. Event Management manages events like network status, HDD status, sensors, motion detection, video loss and recording on/off.