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Safestnet SKY-DLL2 (0231) Detector

Safestnet SKY-DLL2 (0231) Detector

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  • SKY-DLL2 (0231) a microwave wireless outdoor curtain tri-tech detector consists of durable microwave module, high-precision PIR sensor and fuzzy logic digital core. It is made of durable plastic, elegant in appearance. Microwave and PIR dual-teach detector, fuzzy logic digital analysis, minimize interference, only give alarm to real body movement, low false alarm rate. It offers patented full-scope precision temperature compensation, making sensitivity always stable and consistent within working temperature range. Power-saving design and high capacity battery provide detectors the long working hours. It offers wireless structure, built-in battery and radio transmission signal in terms of easy installation. With built-in expansion slot, it features compatibility with control panel from other suppliers.