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Access Control System ST-2255
Access Control System ST-2255
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Product Specifications
  • Fingerprint Access Control with Offline and Online Functionality

    Brief introduction of function:

    Graceful fashion design, equipment design and decoration of the walls with the perfect combination, meet the actual needs of users

    Conflict prevention, anti-jamming design principle, a high standard SMT components production, for a variety of complex environment, system is higher stability and reliability

    Independent intellectual property rights and open communication protocols, greatly facilitate the system integration needs

    Access Control has stronger controller compatibility, with the international standard wiegand-format card reader supporting the use of various types to meet different customer needs

    Access control system has both offline and online functionality

    Entry controller wiegand format to allow access to a reading of the first four, according to the building products different models which can be accessed on the button or card reader

    Card read types: EM, Mifare1, HID Card etc. as the type of reader in the mainstream market

    Strong system expandability, it can integrate with other systems of our company''s products to form a one-card-solution


    Human period rule:

    Tour round by weeks of the time: monday to sunday by setting the time to open the door, according week cycle control period

    Since the definition of the number of days for the period of time the tour round: by setting the effective date of the start of the cycle a few days, the daily hours, a few days, by definition, automatic control cycle time

    The monthly round of the tour of time: by setting the initial effect of this month, the number of months for the tour round cycle and the cycle time per month, monthly automatic cycle control period

    The time of the day to allow the four paragraphs, each time to include special rules of the date of the period, such as the time and holidays

    Address personnel shifts, shifts and hours laws