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CCTV Burglarm alarm system ATS-401LD
CCTV Burglarm alarm system ATS-401LD
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Product Specifications

    It is the newest security alarm plus surveillance all-in-one system,made by Autosecu

    Technology originally.DIY, Easy-to-work.

    1) Wired and wireless surveillance and burglar alarm system:

    This CCTV system is ompatible to work with our wireless burglar alarm system and

    cameras, monitor, it compounds with a set of photographic system with real usefulness,

    easy operation, attractive price for small and middle supermarket, workshop and so on.

    2)Real time monitor: this system preset the first video output and the second video output

    to connect with camera. It can be switched by operator to take photos in two locations

    to have real-time monitor.

    3)Extension with many cameras: if you use the image divider process, than the operator

    can switch different monitoring area to take photo. If the image divider process has 4

    divider images, the operator can have real-time monitor. In this way, It can preset for

    more monitory point according to customersˇ need.

    4) Record photograph: press remote controller or the ¨record〃 button on the system

    panel, you can catch one of static image; than press review button, you can review

    all photographs that stored with date and time.

    5)Power off protection: UPS (500mA, 12V) to supply unfailing power, when power

    shut off, the system can often work well and the image stored isnˇt lost

    6)When intruder matter happened, it can continuously and circularly record 32 pcs of

    captured picture from cameras. It connects with TV, than you can check it in details

    from TV.

    7)Now, this system can use two camera to watch two sensor if you use CCTV to monitor.

    When intruder entering, the sensor will give signal to our alarm host , the alarm will auto

    dial the alarm phone and its siren will hoot , at the same time , the alarm host send

    signal to this system to take photo