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Yarg FingerSwipe Unit
Yarg FingerSwipe Unit
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Product Specifications
  • Yarg FingerSwipe Unit is a networkable, biometric-acquisition device that utilizes a thermal strip sensor to acquire a thermal BioTemplate of user fingers as they swipe them on devices. The sensor, itself, measures small temperature differences between skin ridges and valleys. User templates are then transmitted over the network to the Yarg BioEngine server for matching and processing. Identification results are then produced and transmitted back to the FingerSwipe Unit along with messages to be displayed on unit LCD displays. This could be either user name or a more general access-related message depending on the application.

    A major advantage of this technology is that it does not store or transmit any actual fingerprint images during the identification process. This thermal-imaging technology is faster and more secure than other biometric applications.

    The FingerSwipe Unit features an integrated display and tri-color LED that easily connects to control devices via either RS232 or USB. A contact closure is also provided for door-entry applications. Connection to the BioEngine server is achieved over a standard Ethernet network via the RJ45 socket on the rear of the unit.