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1 CH  Network Video Server

1 CH Network Video Server

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     ONVSV-1V


    ⌒ Highly reliable special DSP solution, super powerful RTOS, realize industrial grade MTBF

    ⌒ D1 High Definition network video server, compatible to Half-D1, CIF and QCIF

    ⌒ Use optimized H.264 video compression algorithm to realize transmission of High Definition video over low network bandwidth easily.

    ⌒ Uses optimized MP3 audio compression algorithm to make the sound more clear.

    ⌒ Uses the most advanced technology of network transition server to realize multi-user visit and multi-level password authorization management

    ⌒ Support real-time video surveillance output (Two-channel and Four-channel Models)

    ⌒ Support PAL/NTSC composite video

    ⌒ Built-in Web Sever to realize remote surveillance, control and setting via IE.

    ⌒ Support 802.11b/g wireless network, CDMA1X and GPRS mobile network and surveillance via the mobile phone

    ⌒ Support remote software update function

    ⌒ Support dynamic IP address , LAN, Internet (ADSL and Cable Modem)

    ⌒ Bi-directional real time transmission of audio talk-back

    ⌒ Network self-adapting technology to adjust video frame rate automatically according to the network bandwidth.

    ⌒ Video bit rate can be adjusted continuously between 16Kbps and 2Mbpsframe rate can be adjusted between 1 to NTSC 30 / PAL 25.

    ⌒ Provide video lossmotion detection and sensor alarm functions

    ⌒ Provide RS485/RS232 serial port with several built-in high-speed domes and decoder protocols, supports transparent protocols.

    ⌒ Support image masking/image capturing

    ⌒ Auto-recovery function if exception occurs and auto-connection if the network interrupts