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NCheck Biometric Visitor Management System

NCheck Biometric Visitor Management System

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Product Specifications
  • For the institution

    Security - visitors are authenticated before entering the premises, hence only authorized access is ensured.

    Appointment booking with no hassle - the system automatically manages slots.

    Increase efficiency of attendance monitoring - the use of passive identification using surveillance cameras enables large workforces to be monitored with ease.

    For the user

    Convenience - easy to make appointments from anywhere and at any time.

    Automatic alerts - system will remind you about the appointments, in case you forgot about it.

    Contactless check-in - multimodal scanning offers a more hygienic solution to get access to the premises.

    Visitor Management Systems Features

    Our experienced and highly skilled team have developed a biometric VMS software that is packed full of unique features to take your businesses visitor management to the next level

    Secure visitor access

    Barcode, RFID, face, fingerprint, and iris recognition provide fast, efficient, and secure access for visitor appointments and interaction with visitors.

    Safe and hygienic-Touchless barcode, RFID, facial, and iris recognition technology that provides no-contact visitor identification.

    Online pre appointments-Online pre-appointment allows visitors to plan their visit in advance and access hassle-free.

    Automated access control-Visitor-restricted and allowed gates are controlled with attendance devices.

    Realtime visitor analytics-Visitor attendance devices record instances of access-granted and access-denied information in the system.

    Electronic pass-Automatic pass generation or specified electronic passes such as Barcode, RFID, and vehicle license plate are allowed to use as a guest pass.

    Data privacy-Visitor operations are performed by authorized personnel, so visitor and visit information is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

    Biometric visitor recognition-Access control and management systems use multi-biometric face, fingerprint, and iris recognition.

    Customizable visit notes-Customized visit notes with forms and attachments can be used to create detailed visitor logs.

    Applications and Industries

    Organizations, Travel and Excursions, Hotels and restaurants, Consulting services, Banking, Building and appartments, Schools and campuses, Access management.