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V740 Series UHF RFID System & V740-BA50C Reader/Writer
V740 Series UHF RFID System & V740-BA50C Reader/Writer
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Product Specifications
  • The new V740 Series RFID system is ideally suited for retail logistics and material handling in global supply-chain systems, where multi-protocol capability is required. Compatible with UHF frequency band (915 MHz), the product can communicate with ID tags using both EPC (Electronic Product Code) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. The system supports EPC Class 0 and 1 protocols. It is also designed to accommodate EPC Class 1 Gen2 protocols, which have been ratified by EPC global in December 2004, by upgrading firmware.

    The V740-BA50C reader and writer, supporting multiple protocols and frequencies, can simultaneously read EPC (Class 0 & 1) and ISO protocol tags, and integrate into standard IT infrastructures as a networked node. In addition, it has high-speed data processing by the Intel network processor and PC-like functions from the Linux OS that enable it to run application software easily. The reader and writer are well-suited to system integrators and corporate developers who require standard-based, scaleable solutions supported by a robust development environment using off-the-shelf tools. This product is sold only in the U.S.