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ACUVision Access Control System

ACUVision Access Control System

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  • This cost-effective ACUVision approach offers the best of all worlds by combining digital video recording capabilities, GE's Diamond II ACUXL intelligent access control, and alarm monitoring panel functionality into a single IP solution. It lets the system display live and stored video associated with alarm conditions and cardholder activity within the Diamond II system architecture.

    This single IP solution lowers the total cost of ownership by being easier to service and support. As an integrated technology, ACUVision requires only one integrator for installation of both access control and digital video. Additionally, this solution economically fulfills the access control and digital video requirements of remotely located facilities.

    A single database manages multiple recorders and cameras. The combined Diamond II/ACUVision solution is a network of recorders and cameras communicating over a LAN or WAN utilizing the same database. The system can consist of one or many recorders, connected to hundreds of cameras, each of which can be independently set up to respond with different recording criteria.

    The database also contains setup information relating to cardholders, alarms and cameras. When an alarm occurs, the video recording that is linked to the event begins several seconds prior to the alarm event trigger, allowing the user to instantly see the actual event, not just the aftermath.

    Embedded OS technology improves performance and reliability with enhanced logic implementation to continually tag video with the associated alarm events, even in an offline condition from the host.

    ACUVision's modular design reduces space requirements by providing all power and terminal connectors for the reader and expansion module electronics in one uniform wall mount enclosure that integrates the DVMRe/ACUXL components with a single CAT-5 type cable. This reduction in space is also accompanied by a reduction in time to install and maintain the system.