Product Profile
X10 SC2800 Home Automation Controller and Security System

X10 SC2800 Home Automation Controller and Security System

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 2007/02/01
Product Specifications
  • *Alarm messages sent to up to 4 different phone numbers

    *Alarm message recorded by the user (up to 12 seconds)

    *''Listen-in'' to the protected premises when the alarm goes off

    *Dial-in facility to allow arm/disarm remotely and to switch on/off X10 controlled lights or *appliances on one House Code

    *Built-in X10 Transmitter and Receiver

    *Built-in X10 RF Receiver

    *Built-in siren (can be set to go off during alarm, or remain silent)

    *Lifestyle function perfectly simulates presence of residents (with optional GB10 Glass Break Detector)

    The SC2800 protects you and your home against intruders. On top of that it can control lights and appliances throughout your home.

    Up to 16 wireless sensors, and up to 8 wireless keyfobs can be installed.

    When an alarm situation occurs, the built-in telephone voice dialler, will dial up to 4 pre-programmed telephone numbers and play your pre-recorded message. Anyone picking the phone up at the other end, responds by pressing a single digit on their telephone. This will allow the person to listen in to the protected premises using the SC2800''s built-in microphone.

    The SC2800 is a complete central controller for your Home Automation system. With every push-button telephone you can dial in to the SC2800 to control the Home Automation and alarm functions! Switch lighting, alarm, etc. from your car with your mobile phone! From the keypad you can switch or dim X10 modules. Moreover there are buttons for "all lights on" and "all lights off". The central controller has a built-in transceiver function, you can use normal X10 wireless controllers like remote controls, wireless switch and sensors (note the system is compatible with all other X10 products, but if the Digimax thermostat is added to the system, then you will additionally need a TM13 transceiver).

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