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Apollo APACS Web Suite

Apollo APACS Web Suite

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  • Now you can have APACS Access Control and Alarm Monitoring functions anywhere you want with APACS Web Suite of applications. Using any standard web browser, users can access APACS functions by simplifying launching a browser on their desktop or mobile device. The Web Suite communicates with APACS API to deliver real-time information that provides full restrictions and partitioning as defined in APACS Permissions.

    APACS Web Suite offers:

    -Event Reports - Full featured report creation.

    Select event type and objects desired and further filter by cardholder information, date & time and custom fields. Reports can be viewed on screen, printed, exported to PDF or CSV.

    -Cardholder Management - Add, Modify, Delete users and cards

    Add/Update/Delete cardholder records including photos and custom fields.

    -Real-Time Event Monitoring - Monitor events as they happen in the system

    Select all or part of system objects to monitor live on-screen as they happen in the system.

    -Reader Control - Change the status or control of readers and doors. Quickly change the status of doors throughout the system to increase security or unlock doors as needed.

    -Live Checkpoint - Display user information as they pass system readers. Monitor selected doors to view access information or use photo verification to increase security.