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HD-400  SkyShare System

HD-400 SkyShare System

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Product Specifications
  • The easiest way to bring people the great ideas, projects and sharing together by simply plug in and tap to share. Users also can share the contents on the IOS/ Android mobile devices on the presentation screen without complicated cables set-up, no need to wait for a long time to take part in and no software installation requests.

    With this wireless share system it really bring users a simple, efficient, interactive and super easy and smooth way to hold the meetings, presentations and brain storm.


    *Support Win7/8/10、Apple Mac OS operating systems.

    *Solving the annoying problem that always needs to copy the presentation files to the PC which connected with projector before conference start.

    *Presenters can doing presentations on their seats through the wireless or Ethernet cable to projecting the contents. [Wireless transmitting distance: Up to 30 meters in the accessible environment.]

    *Solving the problem that tablet or smart phone can not doing projecting in the traditional way. [Android tablet or smart phone can download the application from receiver main unit directly.]

    *Mobile wireless projecting makes presentation and lecture more brilliant and vivider.

    *Perfect apply in small and medium size meeting room or multimedia classroom to achieve wireless application new era.