Product Profile
RealtimeT302F Face Recognition Solution

RealtimeT302F Face Recognition Solution

  • Supplier: Realtime Biometrics
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2018/01/19
Product Specifications
  • Realtime Biometrics is a major performer and provider of fingerprint core technology. The fundamental principle and key ingredients behind the great success of biometric strategy has been mainly its two main components (a) Its Research, (b) Its Development. The company’s current successful operation is deeply rooted with a mission of accomplishing its desired aim with its knowledge base and skills. Not so surprisingly preferred results were accomplished that were built through systematic programs along with research & development programs. 

    * Fingerprint

    * TCP/IP

    * Backup Battery(Optional) 

    * USB Disk

    * Access Control

    * WI-FI