Product Profile
Ko Technology FACE016 Face Recognition Time Attendance

Ko Technology FACE016 Face Recognition Time Attendance

  • Supplier: Ko Technology
  • Region: China
  • Updated: 2018/02/21
Product Specifications
  • FACE016 is a face and fingerprint recognition time attendance system, the result of extensive upgrade and development efforts. The face and fingerprint time attendance systems wins the market by its stable working state and competitive price. Applications of our face device include: government, intelligent buildings, offices, schools, companies and communit and luxury apartments.

    * Face machine with developed face algorithm for fast and accurate identification

    * Capcitity: 1000 faces and 5000 fingerprints, 300,000 logs capacity

    * Double infrared light double HD camera can also scan face in darkness

    * ARM (Quad-core) Processor

    * T9 input, with which user can register the user information directly with keyboard