Product Profile
VCA Technology tMonitor Temperature Monitoring Application

VCA Technology tMonitor Temperature Monitoring Application

  • Supplier: VCA Technology
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2016/12/27
Product Specifications
  • tMonitor is an application that notifies you of any event that is beyond the pre-defined temperature in your regions of interest (ROIs). You can prevent accidents such as fire and overheating of equipment. Furthermore, you can improve the energy  efficiency at your facility by monitoring real-time temperature and the temperature variation information.


    Main Features

    * Monitoring Unlimited Number of Channels

    * Remote Monitoring via the Chrome web browser

    * Real-Time Temperature Status Intuitively Recognizable by Color Indicator

    * Event Notification via Event Pop-up Window, Alarm Sound, and Email Notification

    * Real-Time Max, Min, Average Temperature for Each ROI

    * Real-Time Temperature Variation Graph

    * Warning notified before the temperature reaches the allowed temperature limit

    * Temperature Measurable for Any Mouse Hovering Spot

    * Event Logs

    * Real-Time Log for Each ROI Exportable

    * Excellent Visibility by pseudo-color options in the thermal cameras



    Why do you need tMonitor?

    * Number of Monitoring Agents can be reduced

    The temperature notification methods (event pop up window with warning or danger message including cam no and ROI no with alarm sound / email notification)  help you reduce the labor cost to monitoryour premises on site.


    * More Reliable Temperature Monitoring Tool

    Unlike conventional temperature measuring instruments that monitoring agents cannot shortly find occasions of the malfunctions, tMonitor provides you with the temperature image along with the temperature information so that your monitoring agents can observe the image based on the abnormality in the temperature information.






    Technical Specifications

    * Overall and Intuitive Monitoring for All ROIs

    The temperature status indicator for each ROI displays various colors according to the temperature status. You can check the real-time temperature status for all the ROIs on Dashboard at once.

    Each different color will guide you to take an appropriate action according to each color:

    Yellow –Warning

    Red –Danger

    Green –OK

    Black –no temperature rule configured


    * Remote Monitoring and Notification

    You can remotely access the application anywhere by entering the server’s IP address on the web browser. Even at the time you are not logged in the application, the person can get an email notification when there is a warning or a danger event, which means any ROI temperature becomes out of the allowed temperature range.


    * Customizable Alarm Rules

    The criterion to detect abnormal temperature in each premise differs. Thus, the tMonitor application allows you to customize the temperature criterion by giving four different alarm rule options:

    - Min Rule: Event generated if ROI temperature becomes‘below’or‘lower than or equal to ’the specified temperature.

    - Max Rule: Event generated if ROI temperature becomes‘above’or ‘higher than or equal to’the specified temperature.

    - Average Rule: Event generated if the average temperature of ROI becomes ‘below’, ‘lower than or equal to’, ‘equal to’, ‘higher than or equal to’, or ‘above’the specified temperature.

    - Delta Rule:Event generated if the real-time ROI temperature (select one –min, max, or avg.) becomes out of the range (specified delta value) compared to the temperature configured mins ago.


    * Full Analysis Report for each ROI

    On top of the event notification, the application also provides you with the full temperature information for each ROI.

    - Display ROIs in each channel

    - Real-time Min/Max/Ave temperature variation graph for each ROI

    - Display Real-time Min/Max/Ave temperature for each ROI

    - Indicate the configured rule for each ROI

    - The temperature information exportable, too

    * Applications

    You can utilize the temperature analysis and the event alarm notification in the following fields:

    - Server room

    - Equipment in plant

    - Cellular Tower and the equipment monitoring in the base station

    - Warehouses

    - Monitoring the temperature in building for energy efficiency