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IPVideo Mosaic Enterprise VMS

IPVideo Mosaic Enterprise VMS

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Product Specifications
  • Scalable, Enterprise-Class Video Management

    IPVideo's Mosaic Enterprise, and its community of partners, marries the most advanced video management capabilities with the open access to hundreds of integration options. Powered by an underlying software engine from the industry's leading VMS manufacturer, Mosaic Enterprise supports an unlimited number of cameras through an intuitive, yet highly-advanced, VMS platform. For single site or multi-building locations, Mosaic Enterprise provides the ability to react quickly to incidents as well as efficiently handle video export. Configuration wizards and automatic hardware detection significantly reduce the time and cost of installation, while the system's extensive reporting tools provide exceptional situational awareness with multi-layered, interactive maps, sophisticated alarm handling and a unique way of tracking moving objects. Mosaic Enterprise combines maximum scalability and the widest range of 3rd party integrations, providing the perfect enterprise-class VMS platform for today and tomorrow.


    High Performance And Reliability

    - 64-bit Recording Server: Allows users to run more cameras on less hardware

    - Long-Term Video Storage: Dynamic archiving saves valuable disk space by storing short-term video on fast, local disks while historical data is moved to less expensive, networked disk systems

    - Dual Streaming: Two independent, configurable video streams for live and recorded viewing

    - Motion detection: Saves hardware use even when additional cameras are added


    Maintain Video Evidence Integrity

    - Uninterrupted Availability of Recordings: When a hard disk is removed from the system, recordings can always be viewed through the Mosaic Client – Player, which is stored on the drive to ensure continuous access to video recordings

    - MKV Format Export: Export option that allows video to be exported in the same format as it was originally recorded so it can be viewed in standard video player

    - Continuous Evidence Availability: For installations whose highest priority is to collect video evidence, specific settings can prevent video from never being deleted


    Situational Awareness

    - Interactive, Multi-Layered Maps: A comprehensive visual overview of cameras and layouts, providing a complete overview of the entire installation

    - Alarm Manager: Integrated with the map function, it gives a consolidated overview of security and system alarms, providing immediate visual verification

    - Customer Dashboard: Resellers can monitor the system health of Mosaic Enterprise installations to ensure optimal operation

    - Camera Navigator: Shows camera locations, names and view areas, making complex locations easy to navigate and allowing you to efficiently track moving objects

    - Video Push: Allows smart phones using the Mosaic Mobile App to push live video captured from its internal camera as an RTSP stream within Mosaic

    - ONVIF Bridge: Allows RTSP streams to be shared with 3rd party applications and systems via ONVIF profile


    Custom Built Server & Workstation Hardware

    Your software is only as powerful as the hardware supporting it. When you invest in Mosaic Enterprise, you can be confident that all the hardware it resides on has been built to support the demands of enterprise-class video management. We offer a range of server models; choose the one that best supports your number of cameras and storage requirements. Or, create elaborate networks of multiple servers, internal and storage options, and powerful viewing workstations.