Product Profile
Aurora FaceSentinel Face Recognition Biometric Access Control Reader

Aurora FaceSentinel Face Recognition Biometric Access Control Reader

  • Supplier: Aurora
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2016/09/13
Product Specifications
  • FaceSentinel is a totally new concept in biometric Access Control and integrates with existing Access Control systems via industry standard protocols.


    FaceSentinel is designed for High Security applications where the highest levels of security and reliability are demanded. The sensor element is completely non-contact, highly tolerant and simple to use, making it an ideal alternative to contact based technologies like Palm and Fingerprint readers.


    Because FaceSentinel is a Facial Recognition system, a key advantage is that images of all Access events (denied/allowed etc) can be stored for analysis should an attempted breach be suspected. Users only interaction with the system is to look briefly at the sensor as they use their Access Control token and verification occurs in around 20mS.


    FaceSentinel can be retrofitted to existing Access Control systems and we can work with your existing vendor to provide a fully integrated solution. Biometric Access Control has never been so fast, secure and simple to use.

    Stores Images of all users

    FaceSentinel keeps record of all the faces it sees, so if the Access Control system reports a failed attempt to gain access you can see an image of whoever tried to breach security.


    Wiegand/RS485 Interface

    FaceSentinel can be interfaced with almost any standard Access Control system, so it can be deployed as part of a new system or to add a biometric layer to an existing one. FaceSentinel makes use of the existing Access Control user records so you don’t have to create a new or separate database.


    Totally Non Contact for Speed and Hygiene

    Users simply need to glance at the sensor whilst swiping their card. Verification is instant and there is no need to touch anything. FaceSentinel is extremely fast and very tolerant to user’s face angles.


    Light Immune

    FaceSentinel uses specialist, near IR sensors with ceramic illumination so it operates in any lighting conditions and is not affected by sunlight or shading around the users face. The illumination is invisible to the human eye.

    FaceSentinel is an advanced biometric facial recognition system for integration with access control systems


    FaceSentinel comprises a near IR sensor with ceramic LED’s linked to an ultra small form factor PC. Users present their Access Control credentials (card/pin etc) and face the sensor to verify their identity. Processing is extremely fast (sub 1 second) and avoids the bottle necks caused by more traditional biometric readers.


    Near IR Sensor technology eliminates the problems created by varying light conditions that affect CCTV based systems, so robust performance with the same subject at different locations is ensured.


    Being totally non-contact, FaceSentinel is hygienic and easy to use. Designed to integrate with existing Access Control systems via Weigand or RS485 interfaces, FaceSentinel also stores images of all transactions so images of any individual who gains, or fails to gain access is recoverable.



    -          Totally non-contact

    -          Wiegand/RS485 interface

    -          Light Immune

    -          Fast and Simple to use

    -          Stores images of all users