Product Profile
GJD515 Laser-Watch Camera

GJD515 Laser-Watch Camera

  • Supplier: GJD Manufacturing
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  • Updated: 2016/08/31
Product Specifications
  • Surveillance at the speed of light

    Eye safe invisible IR laser pulses are emitted from the sensor at 400 Hz. If an object appears in the line of sight it will generate reflections; which the sensor detects. The sensor analyses the reflected light and calculates the location of any object with high accuracy.

    Since the sensor not only detects an intrusion, but also knows the exact position of the object, alarm settings are extremely adaptable. For example, the sensor can be set to react only on cars in a specific lane, to alarm only if an object has stopped or if a door opens, while all other activities are ignored.


    Forget false alarms

    Laser-Watch is designed from ground up with high accuracy object detection in mind, making the Laser-Watch stand out in terms of reliability and accuracy when compared to systems using video analytics or active infra-red. Based on advanced laser sensor technologies the Laser-Watch works without reflectors up to 500 metres, detecting static and moving objects with high precision, regardless of lighting conditions.


    System design

    The GJD Laser-Watch can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a system with multiple IP surveillance sensors and IP cameras connected to a server. Utilising power over ethernet and network alarms enables a cost effective installation: just as easy as any modern IP camera, requiring only a single ethernet cable. Additionally, its web based user interface is an intuitive way of fine tuning sensor settings and configuring network alarms for integration with all network based surveillance software.


    Perimeter control

    GJD Laser-Watch technology makes it possible to monitor and locate intrusions for applications where physical fences are not desirable, possible or where enhanced security is required. The laser sensors work without reflectors and react in fractions of a second.


    Gate monitoring

    Monitor all passages through gates, entrances or specific parts of a road - even with the Laser-Watch sensor placed several hundred metres away. Create alarm zones freely to make sure the system only triggers an alarm when an object is detected

    at the desired location.


    Vehicle monitoring

    Laser-Watch is easily configured to detect if a vehicle is moved. Even if the detector is fitted several hundred metres away from the vehicle, the sensor instantly alarms when a movement of the current vehicle occurs; while all other objects in the area are ignored.


    Boat detection

    Detect all boats entering or leaving the harbour and reduce the risk of boat and engine thefts, regardless of light conditions and weather. GJD Laser-Watch products are designed to cope with harsh marine environments. Since the sensor works without reflectors it is possible to create virtual fences over open water or along the deck of an ocean going vessel.



    Laser-Watch can be mounted on a tripod and moved as needed, to ensure fast and accurate operation in exposed locations. Surveillance can be achieved remotely and no camera permissions are required.


    Stake-out operations

    Laser-Watch makes it possible to automatically create a detailed log of visitors entering or leaving a building or to send alarms at a distance up to 500 metres.



    * Up to 500 metre range, no reflector required

    * Virtual fence able to trigger alarm and camera recording

    * Fully adaptable alarm zones to meet any situation

    * Near zero false alarm rate

    * Heavy duty water proof design

    * Intuitive and powerful web based user interface

    * IP alarms and relay output

    * Power over ethernet