Product Profile
ZKAccess Wireless Bridge

ZKAccess Wireless Bridge

  • Supplier: ZKAccess
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2016/06/22
Product Specifications
  • The ZKAccess Wireless Bridge reduces labor time and cost by eliminating the need to run data cable when connecting ZKAccess door controllers to the network.


    Features and Benefits

    Range – 2.4 GHz wireless system with up to 300-foot range with nearest wireless router

    Secure – Password verification, MAC address authentication, SSID suppression, advanced WPA encryption

    Simple Management – Wireless Bridge has built-in webserver. No software or drivers needed.

    Resilient – Low power consumption and up to 15kv Electro Static Discharge protection

    User friendly – Power-on LED, Ethernet link LED and Signal strength LED's

    Transparency – Wireless Bridge appears to network devices as if an Ethernet cable is connecting the 2 network nodes.




    Standards – IEEE802.11g

    Data Rate – 2.4 GHz up to 54 Mbps

    Transmission Range – Up to 300 feet when installed outdoors (typically 150 feet indoors)

    Security – MAC Address Filtering, WEP/WPA encryption, Hide SSID in beacons, Layer 2 isolation

    Management Configuration – Web-based (HTTP)