Product Profile
American Dynamics victor VMS

American Dynamics victor VMS

  • Supplier: American Dynamics
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2016/06/20
Product Specifications
  • From a single, intuitive interface, victor lets you manage live/recorded video from all of Tyco Security Products recorders - Intellex DVRs, ADTVR, VideoEdge NVRs/Hybrids, and exacqVision. victor even takes unification further with single point event management with Software House's C•CURE 9000 access control system.

    victor is designed to handle the high throughput of HD and megapixel cameras and easily manages real-time alarms and events.

    victor includes advanced policy management, health monitoring, Smart Search, instant playback, and more, ensuring the security and safety of your entire organization.

    With a complete, scalable portfolio of clients, victor has a solution that is right for any business:

    victor Express is designed to support the needs of single client, multi-recorder applications.

    victor Professional is designed for systems with multiple sites and/or multiple recorders that require multiple operator client connections, and unification or integration to other systems.

    victor Enterprise is designed for large, multi-site businesses or large distributed systems, and can be part of a MAS/SAS (Master and Satellite Application Server) environment with C•CURE 9000.


    l   Designed to handle HD and megapixel cameras and manage real-time alarms and events

    l   Includes advanced policy management, health monitoring, smart search and instant playback

    l   Local storage video vaulting and external storage archiving

    l   Heat mapping shows foot traffic patterns and consumer shopping activity

    l   Grants and restricts access to all features within the victor unified client by operator roles

    l   Portable operator access from LAN, WAN, or location to location