Product Profile
Elika 2101 Commercial Wireless Access Control and Telephone Entry System

Elika 2101 Commercial Wireless Access Control and Telephone Entry System

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2016/06/15
Product Specifications
  • All in One

    Elika 2101 silver, security systems, access control, network access control, keyless entry system, wifi security camera is the pinnacle of latest technology and brilliant engineering. Never before has there been a Telephone Entry and Access Control system that embodies all the wireless connectivity, security and state of the art telecommunication system available in one product. The 2101 comes ready to connect to VoIP, Wi-Fi, BLE (Bluetooth) and 3G/4G cellular straight out of the box.  It has a 10.4” full color HD display and full alphabet keyboard that will allow users to quickly and easily connect to tenants or clients. Equipped with an HD camera, you will always be able to monitor and store activity around your system. Rethink Access Control and experience the Elika advantage.


    System and Design

    When designing and engineering the  Elika 2101, our team wanted to create a product that was simple, user oriented, and all inclusive, while still providing the advanced features required in todays demanding Access Security market.

    The 2101 comes standard with all that is required to setup an advanced Access Entry System. No need for upgrades or extra fees. With Wiegand communication, two programmable contact inputs, built in heater, enough memory to register 500K users and 250K history events. the 2101 is perfect for any commercial Access Control application.

    The ELIKA 2101 is an IP65 certified enclosure, the unit is resistant to the most intense outdoor conditions. Since lightning and surges are prevalent in some areas, we have created a protection system that is rated up to 200 million watts. We also added multiple layers of protection and military level security specifications. Therefore, you can be confident that the 2101 is the most durable and advanced system available.


    No Software Installation Required

    The Elika 2101 Access Control System doesn’t require a separate installation of a complicated software package. Our web based management application will allow you to log on from any computer or smart device from anywhere to access and program your system. You will be able to add or delete users, create event reports, check connection signals, watch recorded HD videos, allow your tenants to have two way Video conversations from their smart device remotely, grant/deny access and a host of other unique and user friendly features, The Elika 2101 is the choice for both tenants and property managers.

    You are no longer bound by wires and software, you have the freedom to simply and remotely and wirelessly manage multiple systems from anywhere.


    l   Ready to connect to VoIP, Wi-Fi, BLE, and 3G/4G cellular

    l   10.4” full color HD display and full alphabet keyboard

    l   Forced entry security shutdown feature

    l   HD and night vision-enabled camera

    l   IP65 certified enclosure

    l   No software installation required