Product Profile
Camden Controls SureWave CM-330 Touchless Switch

Camden Controls SureWave CM-330 Touchless Switch

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2016/05/25
Product Specifications
  • CM-330 Series are 2nd generation hands-free switches from Camden Controls. We started by designing a switch to provide superior door activation in new andretrofit access control and automatic door applications, and then built in our industry-leading experience in serving thousands of installations. The result is an unprecedented level of easy installation (in any application), rock solid performance (wired & wireless) and years of trouble free service.

    CM-324 Series (original) single relay wired hands-free switches features an operating range of 1-26, adjustable time delay of 1-5 seconds, and provides superior performance in all ambient lighting conditions.

    CM-325 Series hands-free switches are specifically designed for use in healthcare and other facilities where highly reflective surfaces (such as chrome or polished stainless steel, cause standard touchless switches to false activate.


    * Wired, wireless and hybrid (wirless/wired) models

    * Battery powered wireless models offer 2 yr. battery life using standard 'AA' alkaline batteries.

    * 1 and 2 relay wired models, SPDT, Form 'C'

    * Narrow (jamb), single and and double gang faceplates

    * Polycarbonate (black) and stainless steel faceplates

    * Advanced active infra-red technology with fast response

    * 12/24V, AC/DC operation

    * Heavy duty 3 or 5 Amp rated relay

    * Adjustable operating range up to 28", refer to model specification

    *CM-331/332 Series: Selectable auto range (operation) mode of up to 6"

    * Adjustable time delay, refer to model specification

    * Selectable fail safe/fail secure operation

    * CM-331/332 Series: Active output for external alrm, LED or annunciator

    * CM-332/333 Series: Request to exit' and external door contact inputs

    * CM-331/332 Series: Optional red/blue/green LED light ring with single gang stainless steel faceplate, indicates switch or door status.