Product Profile
Viscount Freedom 9.2B Access Control Platform

Viscount Freedom 9.2B Access Control Platform

  • Supplier: Viscount
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2016/05/19
Product Specifications
  • Viscount Freedom 9.2.B provides more in-depth integration with IT architectures to deliver a comprehensive enterprise-class security solution. Real-time authentication with Active Directory allows for instantaneous data syncing from the directory to the card reader and leverages AD to provision attribute-based access to the physical space, allowing AD to become the authoritative source for permissions across logical and physical networks.


    Freedom 9.2.B continues to be a Web-based physical access control solution designed to fit seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures, and support business continuity planning. Built on a REST API, Freedom acts like most IT applications, enabling businesses to future-proof installations at a lower cost than other end-to-end PACS solutions. It is also flexible enough to support smaller deployments via the Freedom CUBE appliance with a very competitive price point and the convenience that comes with a browser-based software platform.


    * Freedom looks and acts like any enterprise IT security application

    * True IT topology connects and interacts with cloud services

    * Freedom is cyber secure, and continuously updates to address emerging vulnerabilities

    * The potential for system breaches is reduced through the elimination of control panels

    * Real-time authentication with Active Directory per card read

    * Built-in redundancy (no third-party application needed)

    * Complete Web-services application built on a REST API, known as the language of the Internet

    * Supports FICAM 13.02, FIP201, UL and more


    Key Benefits

    * No Control Panels

    * Simplified System Architecture

    * Web Interface

    * Attribute-Based Access Control

    * Improved Events and Reporting

    * Identity Management