Product Profile
Grundig VMS Sense Pro

Grundig VMS Sense Pro

  • Supplier: Grundig
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 2016/05/11
Product Specifications
  • ObjectR intelligence is the technology of automatically signaling or detecting the occurrence of a specified suspicious or prohibited behavior of objects in the field of view of the CCTV camera.


    Key ObjectR functions are:

    Identifying and tracking (following) objects.

    Characterization of objects.

    Checking the (non)movement of objects against certain rules.

    Signaling when certain conditions are met or violated.


    VIRTUAL FENCING – used to generate a video alarm if a vehicle or individual crosses a virtual line. The system is capable of categorizing objects and can determine the direction in which the objects are moving. Its application is very useful to guard large areas where physical fences are either not an option or not sufficient. The system is also applicable in combination with physical fences, for highly guarded premises with perimeter security.



    Can be scaled to monitor single sites with very few cameras to large, multi-sited applications with a large numbers of cameras and integrated systems

    Event-driven, alerting operators in real time as site incidents occur

    Includes failover server set up for mission critical applications

    Dual streaming technology and multi-casting both help to reduce network bandwidth use

    Uses open platform technology to ensure comprehensive integration with third-party video products

    Mobile app allows remote viewing and control of VMS sites