Product Profile
Real RL-9041 Keyless Security Lock

Real RL-9041 Keyless Security Lock

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region:
  • Updated: 2015/12/16
Product Specifications
  • Feature

    • Users can set up their own combinations: 10,000 combinations

    • Material: zinc alloy lock housing

    • Vertical and horizontal types are available

    • Right hinge type and left hinge type are available

    • Detained disc cylinder

    • Millions of key combinations, patented worldwide

    • Suitable for thickness of 1 to 20mm wooden, metal and laminate lockers

    • No card, no wire, no battery, no key and no headache of management

    • Dual mechanism: digits combination and override key for emergency opening

    • Managers can use the control key to open the lock, in case users forget the numbers they set up

    • Knob can be used for operation on opening, setting and closing