Product Profile
SCS BS-200RC/400RC/600RC/800RC Barrier (Curtain) Sensor

SCS BS-200RC/400RC/600RC/800RC Barrier (Curtain) Sensor

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region:
  • Updated: 2015/12/08
Product Specifications
  • Operating Voltage:10~30VDC 

    Response Time (Rx):50/100/150/200 ms (selectable -by SW1 slide switch-Rx) 

    Contact rating:1A/120VAC 1A/24VDC 

    Sensing range: 8 meters(outdoors) / 16 meters(indoor) 

    Aluminum housing; PC cover as UV lights filter; ABS side caps 

    Slim/stylish aluminum housing, anti high/low temp./fog/rains. 

    Tx power adjustment: Normal/Strong 

    Response time adjustable (50/100/150/200 msec adjustable) 

    Built in flexible flat cable as the bridge between beams and beams instead of hard PCB. 

    Built in optical lens. (Longer sensing range) 

    Smart infrared receiver module, free from any disturbance by external remote controllers. 

    Anti-tamper circuit triggers alarm if power is cut or end cap is removed. 

    Alarm: Break one or two adjacent beams. 

    L-brackets and mounting hardware included. 

    IP-65 water/dust proof. 

    Size W: 35mm/H:30mm/L:570mm(BS-200RC)/1050mm(BS-400RC)/1530mm(BS-600RC)/2010mm(BS-800RC)