Product Profile
SCS Quad-50CS/100CS/150CS/200CS Quad Photobeam Detector

SCS Quad-50CS/100CS/150CS/200CS Quad Photobeam Detector

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region:
  • Updated: 2015/12/08
Product Specifications
  • Laser beam alignment function (optional) 

    Buzzer sound (beep sound) for beam alignment. 

    Led indicators for beam strength. ( 5 Leds) 

    Environment module: the environmental signal is initiated if the beam reception level is reduced by approx 50% or more, The module "watches" for a gradual degradation of the beam reception which is indicative of extremely poor weather conditions. N.C. or N.O. signal output is selectable.

    Beam alignment volt. testing points

    Multi frequency (4 channels selectable)

    Quad beams 

    Heater (optional) 

    Programmed A.G.C. 

    Input Volt.:AC/DC 12-24V 

    IP-55 ingress protection 

    Sensing range(outdoors):50m/100m/150m/200m 

    Size: 387(H)×113(W)×110(D) m/m