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Luxury Securty Waist Heigh Turnstile (ST -9053A)

Luxury Securty Waist Heigh Turnstile (ST -9053A)

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Product Specifications
  • • External appearance size: 1000*200*1000

    • Passage breadth: Q600 mm

    • pole of barrier long: 530 mm

    • IC, ID, the card of Magnetic force, bar code card etc. variety reads and writes the way can be provided as choice

    • Having the power failure meets an emergency the function, the barrier pole power failure falls the pole automatically, switching on electricity auto top pole

    • Have the information memory function. Can the net of join circulate; also can take off the machine circulate

    • Have the breakdown from the check and report to the police to hint the function

    • Automatic covariance and manifestation function

    • There is standard importation and output to pick up a people, is a system to gather the company the best head chooses