Product Profile
PSC Magellan 8500 Scanner/Scale
PSC Magellan 8500 Scanner/Scale
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 11/30/2006
Product Specifications
  • The PSC Magellan 8500 maximizes productivity by using SurroundScan three-dimensional scanning technology. SurroundScan uses Magellan 8500 breakthrough scan patterns to aggressively read all six sides of items while enabling outstanding performance on truncated and higher-density barcodes like RSS. SurroundScan virtually eliminates misreads and reduces ergonomic problems by allowing cashiers the freedom to scan items in their natural orientations.

    The PSC Magellan 8500 features a redesigned all-weighs platter that reduces loss from shrinkage stemming from misweighed large or over-sized produce. The all-weighs platter design is intuitive and allows produce to be leaned against vertical windows and platters away from counters for the most accurate weighing.

    The PSC Magellan 8500 is also equipped with PSC-patented FirstStrike advanced decoding software for reading damaged, wrinkled and poorly printed labels. With FirstStrike, labels can be quickly stitched by piecing together information captured by any scan line. Additionally, FirstStrike uses some of the most advanced character-correlation algorithms available to reconstruct damaged or missing barcode data. All this can be done in split seconds to speed throughput on poor-quality labels and, most important, improve first-pass read rates on even tough items like egg cartons.

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