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Wolf-Guard YL-007M2FX auto-dial SMS alarm system

Wolf-Guard YL-007M2FX auto-dial SMS alarm system

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Product Specifications
  • YL-007M2FX is an auto-dial SMS alarm system with a LCD display. The display features touch keypad and 128x64 lattice LCD screen with clock display. The system supports 2 wired and 10 wireless defense zones, and each wireless zone supports maximum 10 sensors. Besides, it supports maximum 8 remote controls and 10 RFID cards. With a built-in high-volume speaker, and the system can be used as an intelligent digital voice announcer. Besides, the system can be used as a wireless telephone.

    Users can preset 6 phone numbers for alarm notification by auto dialing, and preset 3 SMS numbers for SMS alerts. The system features ease of use with one-key control by the remote controller or telephone to set up away arm, home arm, delay arm, timely arm and disarm functions. The system can be armed by the panel keypad, remote controller, remote call and RFID card. Moreover, the device can store 30 alarm records, and support a 10-second voice message recording.