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JABLOTRON AZOR wireless burglar alarm sytem

JABLOTRON AZOR wireless burglar alarm sytem

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Product Specifications
  • Azor is a wireless burglar alarm sytem. It is designed for small houses, flats, offices and shops. It can also be supplemented with an optical smoke detector. Guarding can be simply set or undset using an RFID tag. Users just need to press the switch at the door and use the RFID tag. The system can also be controlled with a telephone–via voice menu options. When an alarm is triggered, Azor can call a security agency (Alarm Receiving Centre), or report events by SMS messages and phone calls. Users can define which information they are interested in (alarms, power supply failure, who set or unset the system and when, etc.). Users can adjust Azor’s behavior to suit their needs by connecting it to a PC and using ALink software. The system contains GSM control unit, RFID tag and reader, motion detector, door-opening detector, AC adapter and backup battery.