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Wireless Remote Keypad 433/868 MHz
Wireless Remote Keypad 433/868 MHz
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Product Specifications
  • Battery operated wireless remote keypad. The Remote Keypad is mainly used for arming and disarming

    the system. It can also part arm the full feature system of its compatiblemain panels.

    Safeguarded by a ¨Tamper Proof Switch〃 as well as anInvalid Password Deterrent.



    Power Supply: ¨AAA〃 alkaline battery x 3

    Lifetime: 5 Years

    Operation Frequency: 868.6375MHz or 433 MHz.

    Tamper protection: protect the enclosure from being opened or being removed.

    Code combinations: 16,777,216 codes

    Temperature Range: -20C ~ 50C

    Humidity: up to 85%

    Operation Range: 300m in open space.

    Weight: 167g