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Social Alarm System 433/869 MHz
Social Alarm System 433/869 MHz
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  • Introduction:

    The CTC-1032 is a Medical Emergency Alarm System with a big red: "HELP" button and associated wireless transmitters including a portable emergency pendant. One press on the button will trigger an emergency signal to the Central Monitoring Station for immidiate two-way voice call.

    The system has a variety of different alarm protocols to transmit and handle two-way voice alarms.



    Half duplex (Push to Talk & Listen In) & Full duplex (Two Way Conversation)

    -Speech path controlled by DTMF telephone or receiver consoles using DTMF commands

    -Auto learn for radio detector devices

    -Integrated ringer for hard-of-hearing users

    -Hands-free answering and auto-answer option

    -Communication Protocols: Contact ID, Scancom Social Alarm Format (SAF), and Tunstall Telecom Format

    -Programmable both remotely from the Central Monitoring Station and locally via DTMF (tone) telephone

    -Reporting to a total of four programmed numbers, and each number can have a separate account numbers up to 8 digits long.

    -System Fault Reporting for the following: Power Failure, Power Restore, Telephone Line Fail, Telephone Line Restore, Low Battery (792), & Low Battery (radio devices)

    -One single large RED emergency button along with one GREEN reset button, which are brightly illuminated for easy visual recognition.

    -Incorporated pre-dial alert tones followed by comfort tones, to indicate that emergency communication is in progress.

    -Pre-dial ¨guard time〃 alert programmable from 0 seconds to 99 seconds.

    -Silent Emergency Calls with Half Duplex Listen in only for victim monitoring function.

    -¨Help arrived〃 confirmation feature.

    -Inactivity Timer

    -Automatic Check-in Report and System Supervision to

    ensure overall system functionality

    -Reporting events to be: Fire, Emergency, PA, Control Unit Low battery, Device Low battery, Power fail, Power restore, Low temperature, Auto Check-In, Help arrived

    -A maximum of 15 devices can be added in one system with the following compatible wireless devices:

    Waterproof Wrist Emergency Transmitter, Waterproof Emergency Pendant, Passive Infrared Detector, Fixed Panic Button & Smoke Detector

    Operation Frequency:433.92MHz or 869 MHz

    Operation Range:over 200 meters in open space.


    Power Supply:DC 9V, 500 mA Adaptor

    Back Up Battery:7.2V, 1600 mAH Ni-mH x 6

    Battery Life:24 Hours

    Telephone Interface:PSTN

    - Receiver Bandwidth:600KHZ

    - Speaker:3 1/2〃, 3 W Loud Speaker

    - Dimensions:310 mm x 220 mm x 55 mm

    - Operating Temperature: -20C ~ +50C

    - Humidity: Up to 95% Non Condensing

    - FCC & CE approved.