Product Profile
AMAG Symmetry Omnicast Plug-in

AMAG Symmetry Omnicast Plug-in

  • Supplier: AMAG Technology
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2014/07/08
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Product Specifications
  • AMAG Technology’s Symmetry 7.0.1 access control system integrates with Genetec Omnicast 4.8 IP Video Management System (VMS). The Symmetry Omnicast Plug-in enables video rendering on Symmetry SMS clients for live and archive sources, PTZ control of live cameras, event handling, video tagging for VMS alarms and events, and video search and playback control. End users can receive alarms and events generated by the Omnicast 4.8 IP VMS for use within Symmetry via event mappings.

    Key Features
    * Video tagging via commands sent from the Symmetry Command Center
    * Video tagging for pre and post-alarms and events
    * Video search and full playback of tagged video
    * View live or recorded video from the virtual matrix
    * View live or recorded video from the interactive graphical maps
    * Video sequencing and camera tour facility