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Toshiba TMPV7502XBG Image recognition processor

Toshiba TMPV7502XBG Image recognition processor

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Product Specifications
  • Key features
    Application in small camera modules is realized by optimizing circuit configurations and minimizing the video input interface to 1 channel, ensuring suitability for monocular use. This secures advanced image recognition performance—the simultaneous detection of multiple objects, vehicles and people—with low power consumption (Typ. 0.6W), in a package downsized to only 11mm×11mm (P-LFBGA 324 pins, 0.5mm ball pitch).

    Main Applications
    * Electronic mirrors (side mirror, rear view mirror) recognizing pedestrians and vehicles
    * Rear view monitor

    Intelligent cameras
    * Traffic and safety surveillance cameras used in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
    * Security cameras
    * Cameras for recognizing number of people and activity in Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

    Factory automation systems
    * Cameras that detect faulty products on production lines, where a fast response is necessary.