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SKYVIEW RX64 Central Monitoring Station

SKYVIEW RX64 Central Monitoring Station

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Product Specifications
  • Skyview RX64 central monitoring station brings multiple Skyview systems together into one integrated interface, allowing operator to manage several systems from one point of control. It allows operator to determine the type of situation in the shortest time and to respond immediately.


    1.Real time host monitoring, searching, remote control, recording, multi task simultaneously.

    2.Auto system entering after reboot.

    3.Preset monitoring pattern.

    4.4, 9, 16, 64 splits screen.

    5.May select different monitoring groups

    6.E-map with event disposition chart.

    7.Alarm points with disable, enable, inhibit...etc to avoids mistaken alarm reports.

    8.Fast dome control.

    9.Automatic time synchronization.

    10.System auto detects system condition.

    Unique Features

    1. 64 channel playback simultaneously (same date and time).

    2. 15 seconds approx email attachment event notification.

    3. Auto alarm due disconnection.

    4. Fast dome control via IE.

    5. Remote monitoring, playback, save, snapshot, setup.

    6. Remote view up to 64 different IP simultaneously.

    7. Auto pop event image with auto splits screen on host.

    8. High network transmission speed.