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Linear VMC1-BK: Video Security Intercom Master

Linear VMC1-BK: Video Security Intercom Master

  • Supplier: Linear LLC
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2013/08/06
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Product Specifications
  • The Model VMC1-BK Video Security Intercom Master (Black) is a full-function video intercom system designed with security in mind. Supporting up to 20 stations, including 3 maximum video door stations it is ideal for medium to large residences and small commercial applications. The VMC1-BK integrates point-to-point intercom functions with live feed video and home automation controls that provide exceptional communication and entry way security.

    With a large 5.6" TFT LCD screen, the Master easily displays the video from any of the door station cameras. Additionally, the Video Out port can be connected to the home TV coax cable system allowing the viewing of the door camera image on any TV in the house.

    * Black faceplate color (also available in White and Bronze)
    * Supports up to 20 stations
    * Supports up to 3 video door stations
    * Two 12V Control Output circuits
    * Analog Video Out
    * Backlit keypad (Low / Medium / High / Off)
    * Three Door Release activators
    * 3.5mm music source input jack
    * Point-to-Point, Point-to-Point and whole house intercom functions
    * Hands free response to intercom pages
    * Privacy, intercom only, and door release features
    * Programmable monitor override
    * Ten AM and eight FM radio station tuner presets
    * Automatic on/off feature
    * CAT-5 wiring to all stations
    * 12.6" W x 9.1" H x 2.4" D