Product Profile
SmartCore Multi-Biometric Acquisition Station (MBAS)

SmartCore Multi-Biometric Acquisition Station (MBAS)

  • Supplier: SmartCore
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 2013/07/31
Product Specifications
  • The SMARTCORE Multi-Biometric Acquisition Station (MBAS) is an ergonomic, integrated kiosk for the capture of facial and fingerprint data at immigration stations. The multi-modal biometric terminal was designed to minimize enrolling time while acquiring high-quality biometric data. For convenience, the MBAS employs high-intensity LED lighting, a wide-angle display, two fingerprint sensors for simultaneous capture, and multispectral imaging technology for single-try capture of all users. For additional security, the MBAS offers a high-performance camera and lens and the world's best liveness detection technology from Lumidigm.

    The superior MBAS solution is widely deployed at airports and seaports in Korea for biometric enrollment, immigration, and border control.

    * High-quality images of face and two fingerprints
    * Short waiting time in the process of enrollment and authentication
    * Flawless check for immigration and border control
    * Convenient user interface through display and speaker
    * Compact and ergonomic design
    * Fake fingerprint detection
    * Fast and easy capture of wet, dry, and weak fingers
    * Symmetric illumination from high-intensity LED light
    * Wide angle of view for all heights