Product Profile
GSM Wireless auto-dial alarm system

GSM Wireless auto-dial alarm system

  • Region: China
  • Updated: 2013/07/25
Product Specifications
  • * RL-RF2 is the main unit that can dial telephone or cellphone automatically via GSM once triggered.
    * Adopts GPRS wireless transmission technology. It can save 6 group of telephone numbers and dial telephone or send SMS automatically for alarm without telephone line, wirelessly arm/disarm the system and monitor the voice from the site.
    * Working distance is above 60m, the range for main unit is above 100m in open area.
    * 433 MHz wireless signal transmission.
    * Alarm in emergency.
    * Wireless monitoring function.
    * Voice recording function.
    * Memory function even when power failure occurs.
    * Up to 38 accessories (such as remote control and transmitter) can be used in the system.
    * Easy installation.
    * ALARM button is available for instant alarm in emergency.
    * DIY installation.