Product Profile
CHEMCO Vicon Mobile

CHEMCO Vicon Mobile

  • Supplier: Chemco Pte Ltd.
  • Region: Singapore
  • Updated: 2013/07/22
Product Specifications
  • * Vicon Mobile is a free mobile app for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets, to provide users of ViconNet video management systems with a new way to view live and recorded video from their network – by using a tablet or smart phone.
    * Phones can display up to four concurrent video streams; tablets can display up to nine.
    * Vicon Mobile can access video from any device on the network, provides full control of PTZ cameras and quick and easy playback access.
    * A simple and intuitive interface includes pinch-to-zoom functionality on both live and recorded video, and video tiles are arranged on screen with a touch-and-drag motion.