Product Profile
PROTECT 600i Fog Cannons

PROTECT 600i Fog Cannons

  • Supplier: Protect Global
  • Region: Denmark
  • Updated: 2013/07/22
Product Specifications
  • The capacity of PROTECT 600i is appropriate for most offices and small shops. The technical features of this model includes: up to 117 percent more fog in the same time frame as previous models; discharges up to 700 square meter of fog at full speed in 60 seconds; and three settings (290-700 square meters) to provide flexible adjustment to fit the size of the space. In addition, PROTECT 600i uses XTRA+ fog fluid, which produces a completely dry and dense white fog. This model effectively covers offices, shops, and private residences with average room sizes, immediately stopping burglars in their tracks and is often used to protect computers, jewelry, watches, eyewear, perfume, and hi-fi equipment.

    * Discharges 700 square meters of fog at full speed in 60 seconds
    * Turbo function to discharge 600 square meters in only 30 seconds
    * Pulse function for up to 9 minutes (effective maintenance of the fog provides protection over a longer period of time)
    * Energy efficient: Uses only 5-10 watts (after warming up 60 watts)
    * Materials: Anti-sabotage impact-resistant steel