Product Profile
SmokeCloak VALI V5 Fog Generator

SmokeCloak VALI V5 Fog Generator

  • Supplier: Smoke Cloak
  • Region: Denmark
  • Updated: 2013/09/02
Product Specifications
  • SmokeCloak VALI V5 is the ideal choice for securing small rooms with items such as PC-equipment, beams, flat screens, IT-equipment, and etc. It is equipped with an extremely high and powerful output developed by the newly patented heat exchanger system, which transfers heat directly to the fog fluid. Changing the placement of the nozzles is possible, thus making directional firing easy. The patented re-activation system automatically ensures an ideal fog density in the room until the alarm is re-set. In addition, a PC tool for advanced set-up is also included in the package to give users access to a wide range of advanced settings for optimal performance.

    * Three interchangeable nozzles included
    * Patented heat exchanger
    * Light installation weight at 11.5 kg
    * Fog density sensor included