Product Profile
SRI International IOM N-Glance Modular System

SRI International IOM N-Glance Modular System

  • Supplier: SRI International
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/07/16
Product Specifications
  • IOM N-Glance is an easy-to-use, modular identity-verification system for access control. The system allows users to network any number of iris readers to enforce secure access throughout a facility or campus.

    Multiple facility entrances increase security vulnerability. The N-Glance provides the positive identity verification and networked communication needed to sustain access control without compromising convenience. Like SRI’s other IOM systems, this next-generation product is exceptionally accurate, easy to use, and fast—it can process up to 12 people per minute.

    The N-Glance’s compact design enables effortless, standoff identification at any point of entrance where secure access required. The system is ideal for use in a variety of applications including college and corporate campuses, critical infrastructures, correctional facilities, and data centers.

    * Performs standoff identification more than 2 feet away
    * Recognizes iris in less than one second
    * Large capture volume accommodates people of various heights
    * Requires minimal user training
    * Captures iris through eyeglasses and contact lenses
    * Integrates into larger security systems
    * Mounts easily on pedestals, walls, or turnstiles
    * Interoperable with all leading iris-matching algorithms
    * Enables user enrollment into database
    * All-weather unit available