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Xtralis ADPRO Presidium Video Motion Detector

Xtralis ADPRO Presidium Video Motion Detector

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Product Specifications
  • The ADPRO Presidium is our latest video motion detector designed specifically for outdoor perimeter and area protection applications using normal CCTV cameras. With the focus on prevention rather than forensic-style analysis, the potential for loss to your property is greatly reduced. Presidium provides reliable intrusion detection in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

    * i-LIDS approved primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications
    * Advanced algorithms to maximize target detection and tracking under a wide range of environmental conditions
    * High resilience to unwanted alarms from small animals, clouds, wind and rain.
    * Up to 10 free-form trigger areas per video channel
    * Contrast alarms for sabotage detection
    * Video loss detection for camera, lens or cable failure
    * Easy to commission via quick setup feature
    * Single cable, high-level interface to ADPRO FastTrace 2 Hybrid, ADPRO FastTrace, ADPRO FastTrace-R and ADPRO FastTx, reducing wiring and setup time, providing seamless integration