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Xtralis ASIM Tri-Tech Traffic Detectors TT 29x Series

Xtralis ASIM Tri-Tech Traffic Detectors TT 29x Series

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Product Specifications
  • ASIM by Xtralis triple-tech traffic detectors use a combination of doppler radar, ultrasound and passive infrared technologies in a single unit. Individual vehicle speed, class, occupancy time and length are provided via RS 485 in all traffic situations, weather and time of day.

    * Detection of lane-changing vehicles and vehicles between adjacent lanes (TT 293, 295 and 298 only)
    * Low power consumption of 100 mA or less at 12 V DC in continuous operation (less in power-save mode)
    * Detection of standing vehicles
    * Detection of wrong-way drivers
    * Triple-technology detection – three independent physical detection principles in a single unit
    * Low cost per monitored lane
    * Cutting edge Swiss manufacturing and precision engineering result in a highly reliable, cost-effective product
    –40 to +70°C (–40 to +158oF) operating temperature
    * Optimal performance in all weather conditions
    * Remote configuration and set up via RS 485 dataport
    * Dedicated Windows installation program
    * Mounting height adjustment
    * Self calibration within the recommended height above the lane
    * Standardized vehicle classification: German TLS classes for 2, 5+1 & 8+1