Product Profile
Teleste S-VMX Video Management Suite

Teleste S-VMX Video Management Suite

  • Supplier: Teleste
  • Region: Finland
  • Updated: 2013/07/15
Product Specifications
  • IP video management system is based on distributed server architecture supporting and hosting web services in different type of network topologies. The VMS products consist of software and associated hardware for control, processing, viewing, distribution and recording of signals required in CCTV applications.

    S-VMX is an IP video management system based on open architecture. It provides a smart and scalable end-to-end solution serving both video security specialists and IT professionals.

    Building up an S-VMX video management system is made simple. All you need to do is to define the global number of cameras and concurrent users connected to the system. Alternatively you can select the suitable functionality to fit the size and needs of your system. The rest is child’s play.

    Future expansion from one S-VMX system category to another can be achieved flexibly by simply changing the applicable system license.

    * Total freedom in system design
    * Open architecture for smooth integration
    * A standardized, IT friendly solution
    * Web services and mobility
    * Clever building blocks
    * Easy configuration
    * GIS assisted operation
    * Collective metadata handling
    * VIA for automated analysis
    * Automated tasks
    * A safe investment