Product Profile
Smart Security Fastlane Glasswing Optical Turnstile

Smart Security Fastlane Glasswing Optical Turnstile

  • Supplier: Smart Security
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/07/09
Product Specifications
  • Fastlane Glasswing is an optical turnstile with retracting glass barriers, uniquely available in three widths. It combines advanced optical technology with elegant wing-shaped barriers for rapid throughput and intelligent tailgate detection. With Fastlane, security has never looked so inviting.

    At the core of every Fastlane, an infrared beam matrix is coupled with a custom-designed microprocessor equipped with neural network programming. Fastlane analyzes pedestrian movement with pinpoint accuracy—it is designed to detect tailgaters at just ? inch apart. Inherently more secure, this technology also yields the fastest throughput and highest alarm accuracy.

    * Close quickly behind the authorized person to deter tailgaters
    * Stay open for immediate additional authorized users passing in either direction
    * Efforts to push past the glass barrier will sound a second, louder alarm
    * A secondary relay can trigger CCTV, lock doors, or control elevators.
    * Slow to a crawl to avoid contact when safety beams sense an object in the way
    * Break away in either direction to minimize injury or damage